IotGates Clinic Management

IotGates Clinic Management

The primary purpose is to digitize patient records so as to make data retrieval easy and efficient. Being in the digital form, patient data can be conveniently shared and accessed by multiple simultaneous users at different locations, resulting in smoother clinical operations and collaboration among clinicians. It also means that patient data can be easily backed up, and be protected for confidentiality and from tampering through access control

  • Patient Manahement System
  • Appointments Management System
  • Prescriptions management
  • Laboratory management


Features of Clinic Management System

We provide implementation service

Appointments Dashboard

Records of all appointments can be seen in a single window.

Patient Appointment

  • Creating Appointments for the patients
  • Maintaining the status of the Appointments whether the appointment was done or not
  • Adding details related to Therapeutic Diets Beliefs etc
  • Adding Medicines provided to the patient
  • Adding Nursing Plan and Discharge Plan

Patient Registration

  • Creating Patient Records with Patient details like Name, Address, Gender, Birthday etc.
  • Adding other information like Diseases History, Patient PSC Total, Medication given so far, Appointment History of patients, Patient Diet and Exercise details, Patient addiction Details, Patient lab Tests, Patient Genetic Risks Details, Patient Gyneco details, Patient PAP Smear details, Patient Colposcopy Details, Patient Obstetrics Details, Patient Surgery details, Patient Socioeconomic Details etc.

Prescription Creation

New prescriptions can be created for patients.

Laboratory Dashboard

  • Create Lab test Requests
  • Create Draft Lab test results in the lab test templates provided
  • Enter the Lab test results in the lab test templates


  • Creating Invoices for Lab test, Appointments, Prescriptions
  • Automatic Entries in the Balance sheet

Medicament List

Complete list of medicines can be added and seen in a single window.